Crisis Communications

Crisis Communications

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Industry-Leading Stand-Alone Crisis Response System

After more than two years of development, with the input of several law enforcement agencies, we have created a completely wireless hostage negotiation system. It is a complete stand-alone system. The system has a field-tested range of over a mile. It requires no infrastructure including; internet, cellular service, radios, or even power (see the run times listed below under system components).

Hailer System Primary Components

Throw Case

It is a sealed unit with a prison grade intercom faceplate giving the negotiator the ability to hear and be heard.

Street Unit

The unit meant to be placed outside and facing the area of the crisis. Deployment consists of rotating a single knob.

Negotiator Console

It has a Bluetooth headset for the negotiator and a wired pair of headphones for the coach with separate volume control.

The Hailer Crisis Response System

Is the Hailer the right solution for your agency? Learn more about our field-tested Hailer Crisis Response System.